Скачать мод на Мортал Комбат 9 в Майнкрафт

Скачать мод на Мортал Комбат 9 в Майнкрафт

В этой модификации нет рецептов для создания предметов, необходимых, чтобы сменить персонажа. Поэтому вам придётся воспользоваться одним из аддонов ниже.

  • Коталь Кан (455)
  • Скорпион (456)
  • Саб-Зиро (457)
  • Кано (458)
  • Рейден (459)
  • Кенши (460)
  • Китана (461)
  • Хвост Скорпиона (462)
  • Кинжал Саб-Зиро (463)
  • Кибернетический Меч (464)
  • Одержимая Катана (465)
  • Стальной веер (466)

If you are fans of multiplayer game about fighting one versus one, you must have at least once heard about the prominent global famous game Mortal Kombat. A decade ago, this game title was so popular among boy teenagers so it has became a trend of young boy at that time. The feeling of defeating your friends and other companies was hard to describe. By showing your unique skills and combine them to challenge your friends, the game title Mortal Kombat once was a memorable spot in the childhood of many people in the world.

Mortal Kombat Mod for Minecraft

With the wish of having something relating to that phenomenon game title to the world of Minecraft, Mortal Kombat Mod was brought into the game of Minecraft with a mission to flashback the once great memory of the game Mortal Kombat by adding characters from the game into the world of Minecraft.

✓ Инфо
One thing that makes me quite disappointed is that these characters are not heroes but mobs. That’s reasonable because adding only heroes to the game which we cannot do nothing with is quite lame and non-sense. But by making them mobs, you can slay them to get special drops and rewards. Who is your favorite Mortal Kombat character and who is your most hated? Having Mortal Kombat Mod and find out the answer.

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Если вам нравится игра «Смертельная битва» тогда мод Mortal Kombat для Minecraft PE даст вам возможность превратиться в одного из героев этого файтинга и получить его способности.

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