Lenovo A390 Схема скачать

Lenovo A390 Схема скачать

The importance of the microphone Everyone understands that the main purpose of any mobile phone is communication, which must necessarily be two-way. This function is answered by a microphone, which is built into the device and thanks to it we are able to communicate with each other being at a great distance. In addition, it is thanks to the microphone that the user of the phone acquires the ability to listen to music, watch video with sound, adjust the alarm clock on his own device and so on. In general, it is very difficult to overestimate the importance of the top microphone of Lenovo.

  • The part is corny burned out and in a specific case it is necessary to replace the microphone, as the repair work of the desired result will not be exactly given;
  • The problem may be a malfunction of the headset or headphone jack. That is, the microphone itself will work, but due to the closure in the connector, it will be necessary to change it;
  • Too much moisture has got into the mobile phone. It is not necessary that water has got into the internal parts of the phone recently. Given the fact that the process of oxidation lasts for months, it is quite real that it happened even six months ago, but the consequences became visible only now;
  • Software failure. It happens that the microphone stops working because of some malfunctions of this kind, so the only way to solve the problem here is to completely reflash the device;
  • A breakdown associated with the microphone loop, since this is a fairly fragile detail. Most often, such problems arise when it comes to devices where a flip type microphone is observed.

Lenovo PDF schematic diagrams and service manuals

From time to time, mobile phone users complain that they have stopped working properly with a front-facing video camera. It is worth noting that such a breakdown may occur due to several reasons. The most banal reason for the ineffective operation of the camera is that there simply is not enough free space, and accordingly, you can not use it, since files can not be saved, or rather will not, where to store them.

But, there are situations and more complex, when the cause of the problem lies in the failure of the loop or chip. In such situations, you need to replace the Lenovo camera.

Chinese manufacturer of a variety of ready-made computer systems — desktops, laptops, netbooks, nettops, tablet PCs, smart phones and PDAs. Included in the top five PC manufacturers.

Financing took over the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Initially, the new company is mainly engaged in the supply of computers in China, as well as their adaptation to the Chinese characters.

PC. Two years later came the first company laptop. In 1996, the first server is created. Generally, the 90 years of the 20th century — a period of rapid development of the company.

According to the version presented on the Internet, this name comes from «De Novo», which means «new beginning — no links with the past», but what a change «De» to «the Le» (the first syllable of the old name) looks quite logical solution. The name, by the way, turned out to be very successful.

Morrisville, USA. Just two hubs are located in Beijing, China and Singapore. There are also research cents. Production facilities are spread across the whole world.

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